Facing Legal Proceeding Due to Debts – What to Do Next?

When you think that you are lucky enough to walk away with debts in a few months, please think twice, you might receive the law suit letter the very next day. Well, if you think that you are still lucky enough to ignore the law court letter, you better ready to pack yourself in facing the legal proceedings.

What can you do if you had come to the final stage of your so called “luck” and received the law court summon due to not paying the debts?

Negotiation with debt collectors on repayment term

This is the first thing you can do to on hold further action of legal proceeding and is the safest way to do so. The debt collectors are more than willing to hear your plan in repaying your debts, however, you have to make sure than your repaying plan is convincing. Showed your initiative in repaying debts like finding part time for extra income.

Finding an assistant of a lawyer

If the things really out of the control, what you can do is to find an assistance of a lawyer, at least they know the laws better than you did. The negative side is you have to incur the cost for lawyer fees, which is not cheap and this will add up to your debts listing.

The advice here is never try to walk away with debts, what you owe is what you have to pay and when the worst happen, never ever trying to ignore the count summon. You will never want to know how undetectable the outcome is.